Dave had been working hard training Tank for hunt tests.  Tank already has his junior hunt title with AKC but he had that prior to us owing him.  Dave decided to try his hand a training Tank for the UKC tests. They are structured slightly different and more like true hunting environments. In order to pass the hunt test the dogs have to do 2 land retrieves and 2 water retrieves. The dogs are held steady by the handlers and then the duck is launched and the dogs are sent on the birds. Once they find the bird they retrieve it back to the handler and hold the bird until the handlers releases it. 

 Our first experience with a hunt test was this past weekend at Sandusky Bay Hunter Retriever Club.  The event was Saturday and Sunday and the dogs ran 4 passes both days (2 land and 2 water ). Dave took Tank up on Saturday by himself and the passed with no problems.  On Saturday night Dave drove home so that I could attend on Sunday.  On Sunday we left bright and early and took Cash along as well. Avery got left behind again.  Once we got to the event grounds with met with the other handlers and owners. They were all great and took the time to explain stuff to a beginner like me.

I got to watch Tank run and was so impressed with my boy. You could just tell he lives for hunting up dead birds. Just watching the thrill in his movements is so cool.   He has a lot more drive than a lot of the other dogs there.  The other dogs running were mostly labs and golden retrievers but we also saw and Airedale run as well.

Tank come out of the weekend with two passes and two ribbons. I can’t wait until the next test in September. Good job boys!!

Cash just passed out !! Lots of loving for her, Tank came out the biggest winner in my heart.